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Okeechobee Festival: Music, Art & Yoga unite!

Okeechobee Festival is right around the corner, March 4-6th, as we excitedly await the upcoming camping adventure. Looking forward to this diversified music line-up, savvy- talented artists//installations and passionate yoga teachers & healers. You don’t want to miss out on these awesome festivities! Skinny Buddha will see you there!

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A Spiritual Artisan || Jude “Papaloko”

Jude “Papaloko”, expresses his medium through a unique form- spiritual transcendance on canvas. Originally from Haiti, he conveys his tradition into his displayed art style. Skinny Buddha honors this cultural representation, and is moved by what Papaloko creates, while continuing to give back to his Haitian lineage.

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A Creative Connoisseur || Nick Beery: The Beery Method

Skinny Buddha can’t get enough of the BeeryMethod, and his constant flow of new collections. We are impressed to say the least, as we do yet another write-up on this multi-dimensional artist. Try to catch up with him, and read our latest blog post. If you start feigning to order his goods- after you see his work, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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