Legendary artist H.R. Giger died on Tuesday at the age of 74, according to NPR. A rep from Giger’s museum in Switzerland told the media outlet he passed after suffering injuries sustained after a fall.  

Giger was well known for his work on the 1979 sci-fi thriller, Alien, but was also admired for his surreal taste in design, which Wired Magazine dubbed as a merging of “sex, tech, legend.”

NPR’s All Things Considered spoke with James Cowan, a friend and colleague of Giger’s. Cowan told NPR that Giger’s work was influenced by nightmares he had.

Cowan said Giger would wake up from a bad dream and immediately record it on paper.  

Cowan added that Giger’s first major influence was Salvador Dali, after his mother gave him a postcard with the iconic surrealist’s work on it. The postcard “transfixed him,” according to NPR’s report from Cowan.

The Skinny Buddha family’s thoughts and positive energy are with friends, family and fans of the late, great Giger. 

Listen to the whole story on NPR, right here.

Below is a message from the Giger family that was posted on Tuesday via the H.R. Giger website.


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