Rosario Psy

Rosario Psy
Rosario, who some in the art community may know as Apacible Psy Kodelico , originally from La Paz
Bolivia, started painting at an early age; Her main inspirations and influences come from artists such as
Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo as well as the Andean culture, sounds and bright colors characteristic with
South America. Growing up and being part of a scenery filled with traditions, rituals
and art in all its forms helped her open her mind and perspective on seeing and portraying reality on
canvas. Always looking to mix mysticism, spirituality and surrealism in an interactive fun way,
using bright contrasting colors along with unusual textures that are meant to represent and unify the
concept of the piece; These elements combined mainly characterize her artwork and technique.
Rosario's artwork's core goal is to express and represent the ambiguity between spiritual freedom and the struggle of the flesh. The will that we all have to be freed of our own perceptions of life and let go, think about the unseen, colorful and vivid of our thoughts. Rosario graduated from the School “San Ignacio de Loyola”   La Paz - Bolivia and decided to pursue her higher education in arts. She attended “Universidad Catolica Boliviana” and then moved to the United States where she received her degree in
Graphic Design at The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale. Rosario Psy has also worked as an apprentice mosaicist for the city of Pompano Beach in various public art projects as well as creating public art for
the city of Lauderhill as well. Rosario spends her time painting pieces for weekly art shows and performing live art at local events.
Although her style and scenery can change from piece to piece it is apparent her thoughts that are placed before us on canvas come from a deep, higher perspective of consciousness level that we shall all
aspire to obtain.

SkinnyBuddha Clothing designed by @RosarioPsyArt