Bill Binder III: Host, Curator, Golfer, Professional Drinker

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Whats the first thing you see in this picture?  Was it the beard? The Booze? The cigar? Or was it your favorite clothing line?  There really isnt a wrong answer.  Today, I would like to make a special introduction to our boy.... drum roll please... Bill Binder III. The man the myth the legend "Bearded Bill Binder". 
Bill has been in the SkinnyBuddha Collective for a long time as one of our "influencers". He is a very interesting individual with a ton of personality.  This next pic is him rocking our Imperial Floral snapback.

Have you ever sat back and thought about chasing a dream regardless of the
outcome? Bill Binder has chased a few of them. His resume includes a brief stint
playing professional golf, building award winning bar and whiskey programs, filming the first season of his whiskey "docu-series" and currently working on the launch of his own whiskey brand.
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Bill was born on March 12 th , 1980, in Princeton, NJ. He was born into a very large baseball family. His father, also named Bill (Jr), was catcher of the decade in the Princeton University class of 1972 where he went onto play in the minor leagues for the Phillies and the Giants, then briefly in the major leagues for the Phillies. Bill (III) and his brother had some very big shoes to fill. His passion for baseball was almost as strong as his passion for golf. After coming home
from college in the late 90s, Bill pursued his golf career during the day while bartending at night. He designed his first bar and bar program at age 22 while simultaneously training for golf.
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He then chased his dream to Florida in 2004 and played briefly as a professional golfer for a couple years all while continuing to grow in the hospitality industry. Bill has had several original cocktail recipes published in various magazines including Forbes and House Tonic. His last bar design boasted an in-depth list of 578 different whiskies on the menu as well as a world class cocktail program. It was awarded a top 50 best whiskey bar within the first 6 months of opening. In 2018, Bill retired from the hospitality industry and filmed the entire first season of
his whiskey docu-series, Binder’s Stash. It took 13 weeks to shoot, traveling the 16 states and 32 different locations and is slated for release in 2022. Bill is currently working on the launch of Binder’s Stash Whiskey which is also launching in 2022.
(SkinnyBuddha "Cookies n Cream" snapback and "Stromtrooper" tee)
Bill Binder’s passion for whiskey started around the age of 15 while sneaking into his grandfather’s liquor cabinet. That Old Grandad 100 proof was the magic bottle that made him fall in love with this brown spirit. Bill’s palate and knowledge has expanded tremendously over the last 26 years. He is thrilled to share that knowledge with everyone and anyone. Bill likes to take a no bullshit approach while speaking about whiskey. He believes that the days of the snooty whiskey drinker are over and strives to build a close knit, welcoming and humble
whiskey community.

Bill Binder III




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