New Music Release - Honest by KD of the NOC

Let's be honest, when it comes to music, you know you deserve better. Cue KD of the NOC's 2023 release "Honest". Written and produced by KD of the NOC, the project kicks off with the upbeat title track "Honest", a straight forward self reflection of the life and times of KD. The second album cut "Red Handed" gives you early 2000s slow and sexy feel, for the R&B purists (and non-purists). Continuing the honesty theme, on the track "Bad Habit", KD reveals true love's addiction. We turn down for the track "How Do You Feel", setting the mood for that late evening night cap with the missus. The project closes with "Black Girl Magic" an ode to the beauty and power only a woman can possess. If you've been searching for that timeless, age appropriate music, or not, look no further and give "Honest" a listen or two. You won't be disappointed. #Honest
Written by SkinnyBuddha blogger JO of The NOC

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