A Photo Shoot With Hip Hop Artist Smac


Smac in the classic OG SkinnyBuddha shirt

 The creative talent runs deep here in South Fl. There is no shortage of local creativity. With that said, id like to start this blog post by introducing some new creative talent to you. This is Smac! Smac is an emerging hip hop artist with his own unique style. He is a Ft Lauderdale local so we had to link up with him and shoot some content. He is a natural in the content creation game. We got some really nice shots of him in his new SkinnyBuddha Clothing. This next one is one of my personal favorites…

Hip hop artist Smac meditating in skinnybuddha clothing.

Not only is the pose on brand but the classic “SkinnyBuddha” shirts is one of my favorites. Fun fact : this was the first design we ever printed. Which is why it is called the “Classic”.  As you can see, Smac is making that shirt look good. 

Smac and Myo Than posing at Glitch Arcade bar in Ft Lauderdale in SkinnyBuddha Clothing

A big shout out to local Ft Lauderdale Mass District arcade bar Glitch! They were nice enough to let us shoot for a bit in their fine establishment.  We ended getting  this neon pic with special guest Myo Than.  They are modeling the “Pineapple Blanco” and “Stormtrooper”. Both limited releases and may still be available while supplies last. I really like the throw back vibe of this shot. There is something very classic about ski ball with the retro arcade colors that really make this shot pop. 

Smac in the beastie boys sabotage shirt by skinnybuddha clothing and Beerymethod

This image took almost no post production. Something about the red tint in the arcade really complimented the maroon color of our Sabotage shirt. The Sabotage shirt is a limited edition collaboration between SkinnyBuddha and artist BeeryMethod. This pics works because its an 80s style arcade and he’s in a classic Beastie Boys shirt. Definitely, one of my personal favorites from this shoot. 

Smac posing in fat village in his OG skinnybuddha clothing

This pic reminds of the new “Sad boy” generation. Love the white Nikes, ripped denim and the classic black SkinnyBuddha shirt.  Sitting on the street corner next to a mural in Fat Village, Smac is a natural when it comes to hitting the right poses for the shot. 

Smac in the library holding a SkinnyBuddha SnapBack hat. In the sabotage shirt by Beerymethod

Smac being funny smiling in the library in his skinnybuddha clothing

These last two were just some fun shots we took at CI Studios in Fat Village. The first one features the Sabotage shirt again with the “Freshie” limited edition SnapBack. It’s a great time at CI Studios and I thank them for always allowing me to shoot content there, They have awesome coffee too! I love the last shot Smac just being himself. Thats the signature Smac smile. I hope you all have enjoyed this photo blog. Be sure to follow Smac on IG, Apple Music, Spotify or wherever you stream you music. 

I have listed links to his social media and music below. Enjoy! 


Smac Link Tree

Smac Instagram


Apple Music

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