New Music Release : Waves by Amplified feat. WAX

When opportunity knocks. Carpe diem. The wave theory. Ride your high when you can. We can all relate to the sentiment from one of Amplified's latest releases "Waves" featuring Wax. The lyrics nicely compliment the beach ambient music and melody, you can almost imagine yourself relaxing on a beach chair on a cool spring afternoon if you close your eyes. Picture a Corona commercial with Snoop Dogg. Picture throwing your cellphone into the ocean because you don't have a worry in the world. 
Amplified hip hop artist waves
In the second verse, we're reminded of the wave, the high and the low, and not forgetting they both exist. With that in mind, remember in trying times, there is a light of the end of the tunnel and also, all good things come to an end. Because "life just comes in waves".
-JO of The NOC

Waves by amplified feat wax

Amplified blog by JO of the NOC on SkinnyBuddha

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