Album Release: The Algorhythm by JO Of The NOC


Last 2022 release for J-o and KD of the NOC, "The Algorhythm", for the conventional and unconventional hip hop enthusiasts. Like a mid-day cold shower, meant to increase focus and awareness, at least temporarily. As described in the song Falling, "these words mean a lot to me", The Algorhythm is poetically inspired rap music, in memory of a global shutdown that now feels like ages ago. What was everyone doing while confined to their personal spaces for months. Dreaming, researching, preparing, writing, reflecting and wondering, what next, all mixed into one musical project. At least for now the next step should be executing and hopefully the outcome, getting picked up into, The Algorhythm. But don't forget, the algorhythm is in you.....
Album streaming on ALL platforms just search JO of The NOC. 
-JO Of The NOC
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Jo of the NOC rapping the algorhythm album hip hop music


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