Interview and Photoshoot with Miami Local Creative Myo Than

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Clothing featured - Wu Tank Clan Killer Bee Unisex Tank Top 

Hello and welcome to another SkinnyBuddha Collective blog. Today we have a special treat for everyone. We have some new pics from the last content shoot we did with local Miami model, influencer, creative and sushi chef Myo Than. Not only did we have a blast while out and about on our content shoot but we got some really great pics. I gotta say, Myo is a natural when it comes to coming up with creative ideas. She is also a pleasure to work with when it comes to “striking a pose”.  We also got a chance to catch up with Myo and ask her a few questions so keep scrolling to find out how she answered our SkinnyBuddha artist questionnaire. 

Featured Clothing - Gangster Stormtrooper Unisex Tank Top

Name and where you live?

Myo Than , Miami FL

How would you describe your creations?

Mixed media and spontaneous creations.

What do you think about NFTs and do you have any on the market?
If so, where can people buy them?
No idea how NFTs work ..

What would you say has been your biggest artistic influence?
Most artistic influence are my friends, also Anton Tammi he's a video producer.
What are you currently working on?
I'm currently working on a music video for @ToeJam808 , also my inner self.
If someone came to your city, where can they see your artwork?
If someone came to my city there are a couple spots my name is tagged in a way.
What is playing in your headphones right now?
So Creamy So Dreamy by C Y G N is currently playing in my ear.
If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be?
If I could collaborate with any artist right now it would be @mostfreshmiami.

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 Be sure to show her some SkinnyBuddha love! Go follow her on IG @gimmesomemyo and like all her posts because she’s awesome!  I am sure we will be doing more creative content together in the future but for now enjoy these pics we took.  

Featured Clothing - Wu Tang Clan Killer Bee Unisex Tank Top

Cookies and Cream limited edition SkinnyBuddha SnapBack

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