New Music Release - “World Sea” by JO of the NOC feat. K Sos

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World Sea by JO of the NOC feat. K sos now available anywhere music is streamed! 

5G wifi, opera, chakra, all first verse. World Sea (written by J-o of the NOC and K Sos and produced by KD of the NOC) is the usual hip-hop braggadocious mixed with a bit of social commentary and short introspective monologues throughout. The music feels like jazz infused with african drum beats, given it a worldly music type vibe, hence the title, World Sea. The song features a verse from longtime collaborator K Sos of The Hoy Polloy, who laces the track with "advanced psychological techniques". So whether you're about to power down after a long days work and need something to relax to or you're about to get into something heavy and need to calm your nerves, World Sea'll remind you to "know your worth for what its worth and never go below that". 

World Sea is the first release off the project "The Algorhythm" written and produced by J-o of the NOC and KD of the NOC, respectively. #theAlgorhythm
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Jo of the NOC on skinnybuddha blog 

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