New Product - RAW Rolling Papers gold/bronze “Vanash” ash tray

ash tray bronze gold raw raw rolling paper vanash


Do we have any smokers out here? Just kidding, I know we do! Get excited folks because we just came into some really glitzy gold/bronze RAW Rolling Paper ash trays. I don’t know about you but my ash tray gets really nasty really fast. I am guilty of not cleaning it out as often as I should, making it an absolute eye sore on my coffee table.  This has been “the way” for far to long! No more! I took one of these bad boys for myself and now my coffee table has this classy “gold-ish” ash tray that hides the

Raw Rolling Paper gold ash tray
This elegant ash tray is perfect for those who smoke joints, blunts, cigars and while I personally dont condone it cigarettes. The waffle top is perfect for resting your smoke down and ashing.  Keep your coffee table classy. Get yourself one of these bad ass ash trays today. We have limited supply so dont wait! 
Click any of the pictures to get yours today. 

 Click here. 

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